How to help our Dealer to success in Solar business:

We are Global Recognized,world class Solar Solar Module manufacture company.

At this moment, I have sent you the details of how to help you succeed in this most profitable,high raising,in -demand and upcoming solar business in the country. Please take a look.

Over the next 5 years, 80% of the country’s population will be forced to rely on solar energy, due to coal and water shortage around the world, and rising electricity bills make it impossible for ordinary people to afford it. Within a year, the power system is going to be completely privatized, and efforts are being made to decontaminate the environment. The only option to get rid of all these crises is to use solar energy. Scientists are constantly researching to discover the different types of materials used in daily life (solar powered).
And we are always planning in various ways to deliver these to the common man through our dealers and to make this business popular.
It is not our intention to give you a dealership at your expense, our main objective is to make you successful in this business.

Here are some descriptions of all the help or services we can provide to our dealers to make their business more profitable and successful.

1.We make panels from 3 to 400 Watt, so you will always get the solar panels you need so you don’t have to spend extra to get more solar power.

  1. First of all we need everyone to have a clear idea about the solar experience.
    Personally we have twenty(23) years long time experience about Solar module manufacturer.
    And we have prominent solar scientist, who has worked and researched at the highest level experience about the Solar around the
    world, and they are still doing so.

So our dealers will always be here to get the latest state-of-the-art solar products in the world, and I will always give you business advice, which means that a person who has never done any business in his life will be able to do business very successfully with our help.

3.In this business, our dealers will be able to earn 15 % – 65 % and 6- 15 rupees per watt. i.e. 6,000 to 15,000 per 1 kilowatt.

  1. Our scientists are always participating in all the solar seminars, exhibitions in different countries of the world to bring the latest state-of-art solar powered products to the market. Products that no other company has yet come up with. As a result, our dealer’s business will continue to improve.
  2. Our 3 watt to 400 watt panels will always be available i.e. our dealer will be able to give the product to all types of customers big and small.
  3. One of our main objectives is to try to get everyone in the society, from the poor to the middle class, to use solar energy in their daily lives, so it is not possible for those who spend a lot of money to use solar systems. For example, those who need only 2-3 fans to turn on the lights 3-4 times, they do not need to spend a lot of money. We have brought for them different types of fans and lights including small panels, so that everyone can buy all these products as much as they can and our dealers will also grow the business in a great way.
  4. We have a one year guarantee / warranty for every product we use every day and a long 30 year warranty for solar panels. So you can sell goods safely.
  5. In order to increase the sales of our dealers, we will contact the bank / finance company for the customer to install the solar system in installments and we will provide this facility.
  6. We will always promote the names of our dealers in different media for marketing. At the same time, we will promote the special benefits that customers will get from others if they buy our products so that dealers can meet the sales targets.
  7. We will give regular advice on how our dealers can easily get bank loan and subsidy loan if they do business in any way.
  8. We will give special advice to the dealers who are not able to sell properly so that you can increase the sales.

12.If necessary, we will give customers to the dealers as much as possible.

13.We will also inform the dealers about the various tenders, and also teach them how to submit, all kinds of help.

14.We will always keep you updated on all the subsidies available to the Central and State Governments on solar so that our dealers can sell more and more and we will do our best to help the customers to get those subsidies in an appropriate manner.

15.Our dealers will have the opportunity to earn extra income by doing all these other businesses along with this solar business, then they will be able to sell batteries with (a) (b) – they will be able to sell only (c) – they will be able to sell iron panels (frames). (D) – Can sell inverters.

16.We offer customers a long 30 year warranty on our panel products and a 5 year full warranty on the entire system.

17.If there is any mechanical problem, our technicians will come and work there for free.

18.We will take dealers to different seminars in different parts of the country to gain additional knowledge and experience.

19.We will send dealers who meet the targets to educators and families every year. And we will give discounts for their extra profit.

20.We will stall our dealers at various local fairs / events with our ever-new solar products so that our dealers can make huge profits, and for this we will send our specially trained youngsters to sell all these products.

If you can do this business with sincerity and hard work with so many services then there is no power in the world that can make you fail in this business, you are bound to succeed.

Why take JB Solar’s product?

It is very important for each of our customers to know first hand why they are using the market for “JB Solar “, the solar powered product produced by JB Solar. It is very important for everyone to have a clear idea about this. They are briefly discussed in detail.

  1. First of all JB Solar is a company made up of world famous solar scientists, so we can give the customer the products made with the most advanced technology.
  2. Our scientists have been producing all the products that can be purchased at the lowest cost and for everyone so that they can use solar energy in their daily life, from the poorest to the poorest.
  3. We are always committed to 100% compliance with the warranty / guarantee given with each of our products, so there is no reason for any customer to worry about our product.

4.In just 24 hours we will show up to any kind of need of our customer.

  1. We will always keep our customers updated on how and in what way our customers can take great care of their products and get extra benefits.
    You will not find all these services anywhere else and we are providing these services to our dealers and customers, so no solar company in Bengal can come close to our side in this moment. Ue Expectantly growing our business In the Country all over India have been given dealership, of world class JB Solar! We thought about it ten years ago what others think about solar today, because our company is made up of world famous solar energy scientists.

Like others, we don’t just make panels for the 10% rich people in the country, we think of delivering this solar service to every rich and poor family in the country and make all kinds of products that are affordable to them.

1.30 year fixed warranty.

2.No experience required, we will teach you business to become a successful businessman.

3.Our technician will appear on any customer complaint in just 4 hours in all corners of the country.

4.Get all kinds of advice and project cost lists from our engineers and scientists for free all the time (Project Estimates and Consultant).

5.Low investment, and all the advice of financial aid and all the advice of business with the bank.

  1. You will always get updated news of all types of subsidies of Central / State Government.

7.Get all kinds of product sales tips.

8.If you do not have a customer, we will give you the customer, and also help you sell your stock goods at a hefty commission elsewhere.

  1. All types of solar powered products used in daily life (Fan, Light, Study lamp, Water pump, Solar Lantern, Street Light, Iron, Cooler, water heater, Water pump, Submarsibal pump) including solar induction which can be used throughout the year. ) From us.
  2. You will get all the benefits of selling goods in installments or on loan.
    The desire to do business, your hard work and my responsibility to make you successful in this business. Contact the dealership as soon as possible.

Thank You.
JB Solar

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Canara Bank.
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